This blog will focus on issues of interest in the rationality community, effective altruism and general social commentary. The title doesn’t indicate any kind of animosity towards the rationality community. Indeed, I view myself as a member of (go to meetups, plan to get frozen when I die etc..). However, like any movement or community the rationality community isn’t without its blindspots and flaws. So, in a blatant attempt to signal intelligence via non-conformity and criticism, I plan to use this blog to (amoung other things) point out some of the shortcomings and unexamined assumptions in the rationality community and suggest improvements. The blog title, as I explain in my first post, is motivated by one such critique: the ambiquous overuse of the term rationality by the rationality community.

If you want to know about me you can visit my (outdated) website inavariant.org. If you wish to contact me about anything related to this blog please use the form below.